06 August 2015

Jewellry Spring & Summer 2015 Trends

Of course you will have noticed by now Winter is starting to thaw away bringing Spring and Summer ever closer. And we can’t wait, not just because of the warmth, but with the new seasons comes new accessories! 
We have a list of trends from the top five fashion houses, courtesy of Vogue Paris, straight off the runway for your new spring and summer jewelry boxes. Starting with Chanel!
1. Chanel has intertwined vibrantly coloured leather through gold and white gold bangles creating a fun, yet dignified combination for the summer months ahead! 
2. Louis Vuitton has brought back retro with eye-catching disc earrings, creating a somehow futuristic rendition of the 70s. 
3. Valentino has gone quite literal for the upcoming beach months. They showed beautifully, dainty, marine themed rings. This style is bound to be huge on the Perth beaches! 
4. Dior has out done themselves in simplicity yet again this year. Think chrome and earrings. Dior has released statement hoops just in time to take the scarfs off! These accessories are meant to be worn in multiples. 
5. Last, but not, least! Prada has taken glamour to the next level and shown off their jewellry-styled pendant earrings. Perfect, if you want to have a Audrey Hepburn-esque summer holiday! 
Keep Paul in mind for your summer accessories this year.  We can customise any style or trend to truly suit you. Contact us now!